Put Some Muscle in Your Hustle

By Ismail Abdur-Rahman, CEO iVIBES 

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cock diesel like Rocky and Apollo Creed

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Have you ever noticed that people who are always winning have certain traits in common? Think about it. They usually are very positive. They seem to have abundant energy. And they seem to handle stress better than other people. I know what you're thinking: "That's all gravy, but how can I attain those traits so I can start winning, too?" Have no fear, the answer is near....

Add Some Muscle to Your Hustle

Hold on a second. I'm not saying you have to become a meat head to achieve your career or entrepreneurship goals, but you have to take care of your fitness. In fact, a holistic approach to wellness - health/fitness + diet - can yield tremendous results in multiple aspects of your life. It goes without saying that if you are not in a 'well' state, you won't deliver optimal performance on the job, so your chances of actually climbing that corporate ladder will be slim to none, and your entrepreneurial pursuits won't be as fruitful as they could have been if you were healthier.

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Maintaining a consistent exercise program is important for people in general, but it's vital for people who want to take their careers or small businesses to the next level.

Focus, Energy, and Stress 
Starting your day with exercise is a great way to improve mental clarity. Stop me if this sounds familiar: your alarm goes off to wake you up for work, but you end up playing a few rounds of snooze tag before breaking your neck to get to work in a hurry. You manage to punch in before you're late enough to earn a salary deduction, but you desperately need a good ol' cup of Joe. Finally, around mid-morning, the caffeine kicks in and you can start being productive - two hours after your arrived. But, because you're still mentally fatigued, you'll still need more caffeine by lunch time, just to keep you going. 


On the other hand, I know that when I hit the gym first thing in the morning, I have no problems with mental clarity and focus, and my energy levels are through the roof. The hormone release that accompanies a good high intensity workout, along with the increased blood circulation, is great for being able to effectively solve problems and deal with stress.

Let's face it, no matter how you slice it, stress will be a part of the equation when you're trying to go next level with your business or career. They key is how effectively you are able to manage your stress, and this boils down to maintaining good physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional fitness. People who have high blood pressure or cholesterol are more susceptible to becoming fatigued by stress and having an absolute meltdown in high-stress situations. If you find yourself losing it at work or in a tense business meeting, unless there are extenuating circumstances that justify your lack of composure, you might end up sabotaging your credibility and prospects for long-term success.

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Have you ever dealt with a medical doctor who smoked publicly? Kinda ruins their credibility, doesn't it? It might not bother some people, but my view is that if you were smart enough to understand the human body and sickness well enough to become a doctor, you should be smart enough to recognize that smoking tar and nicotine is going to kill you.


If you have a McLaren P1, you're probably going to make sure that you don't use regular unleaded gasoline or the cheapest motor oil to service your car because you know that doing so would destroy your car. If you value a material possession to that extent, wouldn't it behoove you to treat your body with at least the same level of care?

Eating a diet that is laden with processed foods, sugar, salt, and a list of chemicals that you can't pronounce is a good way to ruin your health in the long run, and this will certainly compromise your mental acuity and production in the near-term, as well. You know the saying - you are what you eat. If you live on McDonald's and food that takes longer to eat than to cook, you're not going to be at your best. You might not notice it in your youth (I sure didn't), but eventually, it will catch up with you. Just remember that I told you so when the brain fog kicks in.

I'm not saying that you have to go on some extreme diet or eat rabbit food for the rest of your life. However, if you make the necessary lifestyle changes so that your diet is loaded with nutrients and packed with fruits and vegetables, you will live healthier and you'll be better able to show the drive and passion that your hustle needs in order to take off.



It's really hard to be successful when you're living a double life. If your lifestyle choices don't reflect or support the corporate or entrepreneurship success you are aiming for, chances are you'll undermine your own efforts before you get very far.

Developing a positive mindset and maintaining healthy relationships are important to keeping things on the right track. Work on being a better leader: give more than you expect to receive, even to people who can offer you nothing. Great leaders are givers, not takers, of positive energy, and this is irrespective of whether you're an entrepreneur or a corporate professional. A healthier you is a more confident you, and a more confident you has the ability to be a more charismatic influencer. This is important because the greatest indicator of your ultimate success is your personal network - the people you spend the most time with have the biggest impact on who you are and how successful you can become. I'll go deeper into that in my next post. In the meantime, I'll be in the gym....

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