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About iVIBES


iVIBES, LLC., registered in the state of Delaware, USA in December 2015, is the culmination of a long track record of success with managing SMEs and launching startups. We help businesses succeed by equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to compete in fluid economic markets.  

who we are

iVIBES is an acronym that stands for Virtual Integrated Business and Entrepreneurship Solutions. With more than 20 years of experience, and having launched several startups myself, we are champions of all things entrepreneurship. We are passionate about spreading entrepreneurial thinking as a way to reduce unemployment and empower those who have been systematically marginalized and disenfranchised. 

what we do

iVIBES is committed to providing quality consulting services for startups and SMEs that aim to have a positive socio-economic impact. In support of an entrepreneurial ecosystem, we offer a bevy of business training courses, career coaching services, startup mentoring services, professional consultation, and document preparation. 

our vision

We aim to facilitate the launch of 20 sustainable businesses through our incubator and accelerator programs by 2020 and become a regional leader in the development of an entrepreneurial ecosystem.

our mission

Our mission is to provide quality consultancy, mentoring, and training services for SMEs and startups in an effort to help them achieve their respective visions and impact their local and regional communities. 

our beliefs

At iVIBES, we believe that business has to to do more than make business owners rich. We believe that entrepreneurship is the best vehicle for reducing not only global unemployment, but a host of other social ills, as well. We believe that collaboration brings about synergy and enriches everyone’s experience. 

our values

iVIBES is a value-driven company; that is, our values inform the way we do business.
We value:

  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Quality
  • Sustainability








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iVIBES Robotics Camps


Why iVIBES Robotics camps?

In today’s’ technology-driven world, it’s important now more than ever to prepare students for the future. Teaching robotics to young students throughout their schooling can increase their ability to be creative and innovative thinkers and more productive members of society. Many governments have already recognized the importance of robotics in the classroom and have begun to create programs and laws that would incorporate it into their public education system. By teaching our youth the basics of robotics, we can introduce them to a whole new world of exciting opportunities that they wouldn’t have otherwise been able to access.

1. An Introduction to Programming

Learning to program computers is an excellent skill that can help students get jobs in the future and earn more money in their lifetimes. Teaching young students the abstract subject of programming can be a challenging feat. Programming is often too complex for most students to grasp. Robotics is a simpler to understand and more tangible introduction to programming.

When students program physical robots, it’s easier for them to see what goes wrong as they learn what robots can and cannot do. They learn the skills needed to create precise and accurate instructions and have fun while learning valuable lessons. Teaching robotics in our center gives students the opportunity to address the growing demand of teaching STEM subjects while learning how science, engineering, math, and technology work together and interact.

2. Increases Creativity

Robotics is a production-based learning module. Students have the opportunity to create something tangible and make it perform the actions that they program it to do. Not many fields combine creativity with engineering and technology, but robotics does. When young people are given the opportunity to create something interactive that they think is cool, their engagement levels increase, and they retain more information. You might be surprised at the things kids can create when given the right information and tools.

3. Prepare them for the future

It’s no secret that jobs in the STEM field are the fastest growing careers and are projected to grow another 17 percent in the next decade. Industries like the drone industry have grown dramatically in the past couple of years. The Economist has reported that more than 15,000 drones are being sold in the US every month. Growing industries such as these are going to need people who can come up with new and innovative ideas and are equipped with the knowledge to design and create the technology needed.

By the time our youth graduate in a few years or so, over half of the available jobs will be in the STEM field, and a large chunk of the rest will require employees to have some STEM knowledge. When young people are introduced to robotics in their primary and secondary education, they can discover any interests and talents that they may have in this job market. Without the knowledge or access to robotics education, there’s no way for students to build interest in these fields. Without robotics education in public schools, who knows how many potential creators and innovators there are who won't have the resources to realize their potential.

4. Teaching Children How to Turn Frustration into Innovation

Learning how to build and program a robot can be a complex and difficult process. Many students will struggle with the concepts at first and get frustrated. The iVIBES Robotics Boot Camp can help these students turn their frustration into creativity and innovation. This is a valuable life lesson that teaches our students perseverance and determination when faced with challenges. Students learning robotics are able to channel their frustration into trying harder and aiming higher. All their hard work makes looking at that finished product even sweeter at the end. Not only does teaching students robotics enhance their perseverance, critical thinking, and problem solving skills, but it also helps them increase their maturity levels and prepare them for real-world situations.

5. Promoting Inclusivity

Robotics is a field that is easily accessible to a wide range of students with varying talents and skills. Studies have shown robots do a great job of engaging students on the autism spectrum. Children with autism are able to easily respond to the consistent, calm, and clear interactions that robots give them. Robots like ASK NAO and Milo have been developed to aid autistic students with learning and understanding their emotions.

Robotics is also a field that has the ability to empower young girls in the classroom. STEM-focused fields are traditionally male dominated, leaving young girls to question their ability to program or build computers. Because the tech world is not one that focuses on or is created for girls, by engaging them with robotics and technology in the classroom we can begin to change that. When girls realize their ability to build robots and program, they are empowered to have successful futures and create innovative technology.


The iVIBES Robotics Boot Camp leverages content researched and designed by a panel of technical, academic, and child psychology experts. The scaffolded curriculum facilitates a conceptual learning experience with hands-on experiments. Additionally, an AI (artificial intelligence) platform hosted by our strategic partner analyzes student strengths in electronics, mechanical engineering, and programming. 



The iVIBES Robotics Boot Camp is comprised of 4 levels, delivered in an interactive format using AI learning.

  • Foundation - comprising basic electronics, including circuit building, sensors and motors
  • Beginner - focusing on mechanical design, including gears and robots, along with engineer drawing
  • Advanced - covering programming, including Embedded C and Logic C
  • Expert - detailing algorithm framing, combining all concepts and focusing on problem solving

Please register for the iVIBES Robotics Boot Camp using the form in the next section.


iVIBES Entrepreneurship Boot Camps


Youth business boot camps

The iVIBES KidPreneurs Business Boot Camp and the TeenPreneurs Boot Camp are proprietary training sessions aimed at supporting youth entrepreneurship by developing the entrepreneurial spirit in young people and teaching the fundamental skills required to launch and manage a small business, along with teaching the forgotten skill of financial literacy.


The status quo educational system has successfully created generations of employees, yet youth unemployment continues to be a major problem in G20 countries. Teaching young people to solve real life problems by innovating a business model can have a positive Triple Bottom Line impact, while transforming them from job seekers to job providers.

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The KidPreneurs and TeenPreneurs Boot Camps are engaging activity-based sessions in which participants learn everything from developing a viable business idea to doing basic market research creating a web page to effectively market their products and services. A combination of video, simulation, and interactive computer games shorten the learning curve and build confidence in the participants' ability to manage their respective businesses.

what's covered

The KidPreneurs and TeenPreneurs Boot Camps are comprised of 6 modules, delivered at an age-appropriate level.

  • Finding Your Passion
  • What's The Big Idea
  • Hitting Your Target
  • Standing Out From The Crowd
  • Working The Web
  • Minding Your Business
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